Our Activities

Join us in Strenghtening the Poor

What we have done

Our activities are centred around supporting public educational institutions in deprived communities with teaching and learning materials and financial support for the needy students. This we do with passion since we believe strongly that education is the right weapon to fight poverty. Several children have benefited from our schorlaship schemes and are doing pretty well at school. We currently have loads of applications for the educational schorlaships from basic to tertiary level and count on your support to reach out unto all.

We also support the widows and widowers in our communities, especially those whose livelihoods have been curtailed by reason of the passing on of their spouse. A needs assessment is conducted withing the communities based on which we provide logistics and/ or financial assistance to the beneficiaries. We also do health screening and pep talks on health and general well-being as well as counsel the beneficiaries on maintaining a positive attitude towards life.

El-Yasadh Foundation also provides small loans and micro-finance schemes for people in these deprived communities to assist their will and resolve to stand on their own feet. We have found these schemes very effective, especially since the beneficiaries form groups to assess the loans and peer each other into using the money for the intended purpose and also to pay back according to the agreed schedule. The scheme has been pretty successful in combating poverty and the dependency on handouts among the beneficiaries.