Your Support

Join us in Strenghtening the Poor

What you can do to support us

El-Yasadh is engaged in three core activities which include:

  • a) Caring for the Widows, widowers and the very needy in our communities
  • b) Assisting public schools in deprived communities with teaching and learning materials as well as financial assistance for needy students
  • c) Small loans and micro-finance schemes for the target groups in these communities to assist them in their businesses so they can stand on their own feet.

You reserve the right to donate to any or all of these activities, or to choose a specific activity which is in the line of our mission that you would want El-Yasadh to execute on your behalf.

You can join us to make this vision a reality in the lives of many more by:

i) Donations

Your generous donations will assist us in numerous ways towards achieving this vision. El-Yasadh is accountable for every amount we receive and how it is spent. You have a right to direct your donations into specific cause. For further information on how you can donate, please click here to contact us .

ii) Become a Volunteer

Are you a health worker? A lawyer? A teacher? A builder? No matter what your occupation is, we require volunteers in assisitng us reach out to the vulnerable groups in our communities. Our outreach programmes include health screening, pep talks, counseling, legal advocacy and support, business education and many more. For how you can assist as a volunteer, please click here to contact us .

iii) Donate your birthday

Birthdays are special days for everyone and we tend to have relations, friends and loved ones who would want to give us gifts or special treats on such days. You can ask them to consider channeling the cost of these gifts and treats into a donation to El-Yasadh Foundation on your special day, a donation that you will spearhead and it will make your birthday feel even more special. For how you can donate your birthday, please click here to contact us .

For any of these options, please fill and submit the form below and we shall be glad to get back to you for the details and whatever financial arrangements we need to make with you. Thank you